Chuck Choi Architectural Photography

Smith Group: Two Law Schools

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Two new schools by Smith Group, the S. J. Quinney School of Law at the University of Utah, and the Georgia State University College of Law, proffer refreshingly new principles for the architecture of law education. The challenge was to illustrate how the schools' spaces spark interdisciplinary collaboration, engender a sense of community, and offer transparency to the outside world. In each project, monumental central spaces become town squares for the academic communities, where students, faculty, and professionals interact informally. Edges along these spaces and those bordering the exterior afford opportunities for natural light and views to the outside. The rest of the program is a plethora of flexible, spatially overlapping study and function spaces. This is all to say that the buildings offer really great places to sit, study, muse, and work with friends and colleagues. The architects have successfully created dynamic new homes for these academic institutions. See images of S.J.Quinney.  See images of GSU.