Chuck Choi Architectural Photography

MFA: Ai Weiwei's "Forever" Sculpture

 Mg 6198

Ai Weiwei's sculpture, part of the Megacities Asia Exhibiton at the MFA, is made up of 30 interlocking "Forever" bicycles that form a rising circular tower. The Forever bicycle was ubiquitous in China not long ago, before incomes allowed the ownership of cars. The bicycles, and their collective form, are a metaphor for China's journey from an agrarian society to an industrial urban one; from the individual unit arises the architecture of a vast society.

The task was to reveal the scale of the sculpture within the larger space of the Shapiro Courtyard, as well as capture it emotionally from the view of the museum visitor. The images will be used by the museum for the promotion of the exhibition, including, website, PR, out-of-home advertising, and printed collateral. Megacities Asia opens April 3rd and runs till July 17th.  See all images.  See Boston Globe article on Ai Weiwei in Boston.