Chuck Choi Architectural Photography

Foote School


I recently shot at the Foote School in New Haven for Maryann Thompson Architects.  Wow!  What a nice place.  Usually when I go into a live classroom to take pictures it's a little disruptive to the class.  There's always some kids who'd rather pay attention to me, anything but the lesson.  Not in this school.  All the kids were totally engaged in what they were doing and barely seemed to notice our presence.  It made me want to move to New Haven so I could send my kids there.

The new building's classrooms flow out onto this great deck, then these terraced steps bring the ground up, and in theory, offer up a place where the kids can hang out, have class, socialize.  As you can see from the images, it seems to be working.



What a smile!


Need to be able to launch rockets easily from the classroom?  No problem for MTA!