Chuck Choi Architectural Photography

C(l)(r)oudsourcing gets RAVE reviews.


Even wonder what to do with all those empties?  Tired of the same old gyp board construction?  Lesley and Jason at STUDIOKCA have a solution--construct a pavilion out of thousands of plastic water bottles filled with colored liquid.  The result is the winning design for the 2012 City of Dreams Pavilion, an annual competition sponsored by FIGMENT, the Emerging NY Architect Committee (ENYA) of the AIA NY Chapter, and the Structural Engineers Assoc. of NY(SEAoNY).  

Made of 53,780 crowdsourced plastic bottles (the number of plastic bottles thrown away in New York City in an hour), the building illustrates the huge scale of our daily urban waste. Yet, rather than shocking us with a simple pile of garbage, the designers create a beautiful ethereal dream space out of the detritus, and we are challenged, by example, to find new solutions to the problems of sustainability.

I had the opportunity to shoot the pavilion last weekend, on Governor's Island, part of FIGMENT NYC 2013. So with the help of some great DJ's,the vibe was distinctly non-monetary despite the proximity to downtown Manhattan.  See all the pics HERE.