Chuck Choi Architectural Photography

Architerra: Boston Public Market

 Mg 7042

It's a proven fact that if you feed your photographer locally sourced artisanal foods, the photographs from your shoot will look better, and you are more apt to get published. The new Boston Public Market attests to this. A project by the Boston firm, Architerra , it provides a year-round indoor market for vendors of fresh New England sourced produce, meat, fish, baked goods, etc. The task photographically was to capture the vibrancy of this semi-public retail space, while clearly representing the architecture, no easy feat since the market is mobbed with shoppers. But with careful compositing, a good balance between the built and the built for is achieved. The shed-like corrugated canopy--the projects strongest unifying feature--is strongly represented, while the plan's organization is revealed by keeping site lines relatively open and free of crowds. Select shoppers add depth and character to the images...and the fresh mozzarella was inspiring.  See all images.